oh yes these people are the worst communist and terrorist company they have lied and made the financial morgage company that was originally first and now they want to sell our house . its time to take our country back,i would like our goverment to do what they say there going to do and quit lieing to us.why can't companies do the right thing like it was when i was a kid. i think we need to show our goverment that does like to get in to everthing when we are suppose to a free country and now i feel we are in a social and communist goverment.

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Banks borrow money at 0% and then give you .001% interest. Write congress and force them to inact laws that require banks to pay customers at least 3% interest above the rate they borrow money at. We used to get 6% in the 80's, but now the banks controll everything.


The banks got their big bailout and paid millions in bonuses to their top people. We are the ones paying for it, so where is our bailout?

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