I don't remember ever signing up for your card or receiving any bills for it.

Then one day I started getting collectors calling and they would not tell me who they were collecting for after many of these call es I started to ignore them. Then When I got my first notice in the mail you were taking me to court I still was not told who was taking me to court so I sent a certified letter to the company asking who you were and if I could get a copy of the bill's that I didn't remember having any outstanding credit card that were not paid off. That after I got a copy if it was one of mine I had no problem paying for it I just wanted to make sure that it was not a fraud account. There reply to me was I would find out-in court.

Well that didn't settle well with me at all because I was trying to be polite. Well now that I ignored the court date now they sent out a summons and a bail of 300.00 now with your name on it. So I e-mailed the attorney's office asking again for a copy of my bill and asked if she could call me before court so we could work something out. Very rudely she called me back and I tried to explain why I ignored the first court date and she was very cocky and short with me and still refused to get me a copy. I did go to court to day and we settled but if you don't mind would you please send me a copy since now you are payed. I would really appreciate it very much. When you send me a reply I will then give you the account info. I have.

Thank You,

Lisa Allen

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Summins sounds fishy


Who is this directed at? What is the name of the company? Is this a copy of a letter to them, without the header?

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