I just recieved my phone bill to my surprise I found a charge of $16.00 to make 411 calls 24 hr.s a day.I never applied for this servise.Ends up they have been charging me since !/2010.They claim they sent me a e-mail confirming my servise.They did however stop this service and they owe me $59.00 which I won't see for maybe 2 mo.Look out ,they are out there and put their servise without your permission.I'm new on the internet .so to answer these pop ups you give your address.Watch your phone bill.I have been with my phone servise for 35 yrs.so when these charges I did'nt disagree.being happy with their servise I simply paid the bill.Untill today.WATCH for this,they got your e-mail you also maybe paying for a servise which I never use.THE SNAKES ARE RATTLING

Product or Service Mentioned: Internet Service.

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