There are so many people on here who need to go back to their high school and SMACK their English teacher in the face!!! All these people & THEIR bad grammar (they would have written "there bad grammar or maybe "theyre bad grammar).

Come on people, how hard is it to actually spell the right word?!?!?! If you want to complain, at least do it with some sort of cooth, finesse, and a vernacular you can be proud of.

Don't go screaming at someone when you sound like you've just stepped off the set of "Deliverance". Like the old proverbs says: It's better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!!!

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I don't think it is entirely the teachers' fault. I bet many on here didn't spend a lot of time in the classroom, and when they did, they weren't paying attention.


I think you mean proverb says or maybe proverbs say.

Just sayin.

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