I joined Hornymatches.com and that was the last time I ever heard from them. They're information for joining is not very clear and is somewhat misleading.

My intentions were to spen a minimum fee and when I clicked the submit it daid that they had taken $69.00 from my credit card. They are such a chickenshit company that they never even said thank you. I emailed about 20 of the supposed female members and none of them ever responded.

If there is a lawyer filing a lawsuit against them, please count me in. In my opinion they are the hallmark of true scam artist, however I believe in Karma with a capital "K" and what goes around comes around ------------flightlinemechanic@att.net

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what are the people talking about is it true whta they say about hornymatches is they really a RIP off?


it's a fake site with fake members, someone should spam their website


the best thing is to tell the whole world about these sites, in fact all these sites are *** and they are fake, with fake members, and they will do anything to get you pay, once you pay, your money is gone and they will even sell your name for advertising companies, so they can sell you some other ***. I think the best think is to find someone that can spam their wedsite with computer viros.

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