i have had my bed for a little over 3 years and had to have it replaced with a new one about every 8 months.i was recommended to replace my mattress for my back. i bought both the foundation and the mattress because i was worried of the warranty.after 8 months the mattress began to sag.

called the company and was told to take pictures and send them in.which is understandable but it is a hassle with my back to remove this mattress and foundation to take pictures. then had to wait for about 5 weeks for them to get back to me. finally got the replacement.

i had to go through this 3 times.with the last letter stating i wanted my money back as this was ridiculous, and was told i can not get my money back.will i have to go through this every year? it takes about a month for my back to stop nagging me after sleeping on a sinking mattress.at this rate i will have to pay after 10 years according to the warranty every time they ship me a new mattress.i do not recommend this bed

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