What is happening. I was busy when I recieved the bed and did notrealized I had payed for it before. I should have been billed for shipping only. The product is the six-piece/canopy bedroom suite.The full size 54"x 78". You should get stronger boxes for yourlonger boxes. My box was broken in half, and I do not know if anything is missing. SO what do I have to do write you a story. secretmessage. hope you understand.----scrtrhk,mo; seret58uimjg.Need more,good luck?? Cxsfht nbbcftgf mkijbcvr vxsdertgyhb gfhtdfs cx vbnbgr hnger nm,litgcx mkln fnkl bgdfhug mcdwstr mnnhbcvzs gvnd

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