Keswick, Ontario

i thought i was doing the right thing i have had both jeeps since 2003 and took care of them never bushed them and they have around 200.000 on both of them this year nothing but trouble from exaust to lifters i just sp ent $3000 to do the to end of the liberty and still having trouble next the exaust y pipe which is about $2000 also i have a 1994 318i bmw with 285000km runs like a top and i find cheaper to fix never again will i buy jeep any feeback please email dave at[] thanks.

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Well..200K on each one and your whining? I replaced a transmission at 78K on my GMC...which leads me to say, Im only buying Toyota or Honda from now on anyhow so Im free at last free at last.


wow. 200,000 miles and you dont expect repairs?

are the supose to fix it forever? they would be *** to help you as its like 5 times past your warranty.

at some point repairs to car become your own. that point is when your warranty ends.

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