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I have a broken tooth and because I took my Meds last night they would not do any thing for me told me to come back on June 9th and they would see what they could do!! I dont like to go to the denist and was very nerves I wanted it done today becaue by the 9th of june I might chicken out was told they close at 3 pm and would not have time to do anything for me and to just deal with it!!!

I can hardly eat it hurts so bad they gave me Hydro and Amoxican !! I have a credit card for dental work but was made to pay 63.00 fro there card!! This Midland Office SUCKS!!! They just wanted out of the office because it is a holiday weekend and now I have to have a mouth that hurts for the next 2 weeks!!!!

REALLY??? some one need to check this office out they were nice to start with but the closer it got to 3pm the ruder they were I ask to speak to the Dr again and he had left what a crock of ***!!!

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time to find another dentist. who is this guy anyway??

sounds like you live in midland, michigan.

It would be nice to know who Dr. Poorwork is, by name.

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