i have a 2007 tahoe and the dash has 2 cracks in it i bought it brand new and it wasnt cheap.i was wondering if gm was doing anything to fix it.its looking bad ans i dont think its rt for it not to last 3 yrs.i was wondering has any one else has had this problem,and what was the out come.or if you have any sugestions to who to contact.no one drives it but my wife and we have no kids to break it.no one rides w/her.and she takes very good care of it.its almost paid for and its falling apart in only 3 years.

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I am the original owner of a 2007. Dash is cracked in 2 places like everyone else.

I am working with Auto Nation Superstition Springs in Mesa, AZ and they are not helping at all. I have spoke with GM Customer Service. They are now offering to fix it if I pay $400 of the $1100 repair bill. I won't do it.

GM needs to step up and take responsibility.

I doubt I will ever purchase another GM product especially if this issue is not covered 100%. I paid $49,000 for this vehicle - you'd think they'd care more about their customers.


I have an '07 Tahoe with the Z71 package that I am the original owner of. I got in my Tahoe this Saturday morning with no crack in the dash, went out for another trip in the afternoon and there was a huge crack by the passenger airbag.

I really baby my vehicle and this sucks to find out so many owners are having the same problem! I wish there was some type of petition we could start to force GM to do something for such an obvious defect in such an expensive vehicle.


My 07 Silverado dash has cracks also. It affects all GMT900 trucks.

I think they fixed it in 2010 or 2011. They refuse to come to a resonable repair (want me to pay half for their issue).

Some get it done for free. Its only a matter of time before this brings them down.


I also have a 2007 ltz Tahoe and it has 2 cracks in the dash. I called GM and they said there was no defect and it was probably from the cleaning products or could be from the heat.

They are full of ***. These vehicles are not cheap and we should not have these problems.

If it were a problem with safety they would recall them so they wouldn't get sued. Maybe I should cut my finger and say it was from cleaning the dash.


I also have 2 cracks in my dash and I went to visit the dealer, asking them to fix it and said that this is a major Problem with the 07 tahoes. Only way to "fix" it is to get something called a dash mat.

But they look ugly so I'd rather have the cracks.

And a new dash is about 1200. I'm pissed!


Consider yourself fortunate, I have 5 cracks, (2 connecting to cause a nice hole in dash) in my '07 Tahoe. GM no help and claims not a defect.

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