You gave me a 5.00 Dollar Jingle Cash on Sat . Dec 17I was told I can spend it "next "week. So today Thursday Dec. 22 I spent the 30 Dollar plus required and gave the Cashier my Jingle Cash only to have him tell me that the coupon has expired. You mean we have ALL. Of THREE DAYS to use your Jimgle Cash ....first of all I had to spend 30 Dollars to get your precious couponAnd then spend another 30 Dollars to redeem your coupon only to be toldBe told it is expired. I was fit to be tied. I could not believe that it was only goodFor THREE days. So in other words I spent 60 Dollars. To get zilch in the End. That is a *** if I ever saw one. I have been your good weekly customerFor many more years than I care to remember (I am 70) and this was a totalShock for me. That a company that I have trusted has disappointed me in Such a big way. I am not one to write complaints but this time it was too much and I had to let you know that if you offer something you should give a Customer at least a week to cash in your coupon. I never thought I would question the Integrity of Walgreens but now I do ,sadly. Respectfully ,Ingrid Stilling

/ Kt----//

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