i want my monies back, i wanted the $8.00 amonth. what do i get charged?

$14.?? . now thats real business! i cancelled my account in december,2009.

what do they do? they continue to take monies from my account.

i had received a letter to my e-mail account stating that i was cancelled

and thinking that all would be well, i receive my bank statement and i'm

still today april 5th being charged for service i'm not receiving.

it seems to me, this is the way of phone companies, dept. stores. they ignore your request so they can go charging what ever they want.i am owed

$14.?? for 3 months, and i want it back, and i want my account closed,period!! i find this whole situation pitiful, and a rip off.

this is where i want my money returned to.

deborah patterson

8426 n. hwy 81

easley s.c. 29642

another thing, why can't i get in touch with these people now?

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