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they continue charging my credit card & I did NOT authorize these charges. what federal agency can i go to, to stop these people??????

i`m so angry, that i could just burst a vessel!!!!!!!!! what local agency can i go to, to stop these people, maybe i will try better business bureau!!!! they charged my credit card for 2G, whatever the ***, that means, of extenze...........$50.90!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!

how do people get away with this???? if i tried this, i would soon be arrested & sent to prison!!!!!!!!!!!!! i`m getting tired of typing this, it says i must have one hundred words, how many more, if a word counts as five spaces?????? OHHHHH!!!!

the *** with this!!!!!!!!!!!! this is saturday, so i will call or better yet i will go to the better business bureau on monday!!!!!!!!!!

PISSED in VA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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