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Once you placed your order they give you a chance to upgraded or buy something else, I chose NO on all of the upgrades and yet I got charged for it anyway. I have order from this company some years back and didn't have this problem.

It really is unforturnate because their product is quality and I would have probably order different products at some point, but not now. You don't know you have been charge until you have confirmed your order and it gives the receipt to print.

This company makes you pay your return fee even if you didn't order the product. This is consumer fraud.

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If you paid by credit card, write to your credit card company and explain. They will refund the $$ to you and take it back from the company.

Don't wait too long since there is a limit on how long the credit card company will act. You might try telling them that you are going to go that route as a last ditch effort to see if they will willingly refund your money....

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