I received one free sample magazine and never replied or received another. I don't want it.

Do not send me any more bills. I already get several of your magazines I pay for. Thank You. Verna Yaklich.account no.-03 1954 7238.

Received this from Karen Gardner. This is not your best way to go about notifying you. What more can I say. 100 words is a little rediculous.

I think I gave you enough information already.

My e-mail is -jack@virginiamn.com What more do you want. Don't send me anymore invoices or bad credit reports.

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Have you tried to email Fresh Home Magazine through their website? freshhomeideas.com?

I don't remember ordering this magazine. Our household income has recently GREATLY decreased so I am canceling all magazine subscriptions I have INCLUDING THIS ONE!

Yuppers, I recieved my magazine today as well complete with invoice listing an account number. the bottom had a notation "order online".

I had never even heard of this magazine until it arrived. Can the use of the USPS to deliver these bogus invoices considered fraud?

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