I dont know what happened,or how this company got my information,but I want it all to stop.I"m not wanting anything in which their selling.Cancel what ever order you have. All of a sudden I am getting charged items off of my credit card I have never authorized.Is this how people have to sell their product?Oh how

confusing this is,because I dont even know what this is.

I can not afford this to be happening.This is going to stop right now,God willing.Please help me in this matter,thank you very much.

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You have given us ZERO information, how do you expect to find any help? You at LEAST need to supply the company's name, plus some info on exactly what they did, otherwise you are simply wasting everyone's time. You haven't helped yourself OR anyone else who might like a 'heads up' on (another) smarmy business.


sounds like muhammed has been drinking some forbidden nectar. typical.


This is how this Jewish ran

Business operates . Let's hope Gary Glazer was in japan this morning !!!!!!

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