It rejected my Visa card and so I cut the session short, since I apparently could not pay the doctor with my GOOD visa card, the number of which I was CORRECT about. The doctor also said I had agreed to pay $1 if I accepted his consultation as satisfactory.

I had clicked the $15. I could see no way to answer the doctor. This was in Spanish but I didn't know if I was in Spain or where. Anyway, cannot you design a system more user friendly and for non-whizzes in electronics??

I have not read nor agreed to the terms of service and use for the pissed consumer, but it says it will not submit my communication unless I click on that agreement. So I do so in ignorance and protest!!

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What the *** are you saying, lol? You make no sense whatsoever.

Lay off the sauce and come back when you're sober! :grin

Um .... WHAT?

What in the world are you talking about? Ignorance is right, buddy.

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