On 12/27, I called and spoke to Francisco to cancel my acct. I explained that I am 65 and retired and couldn't afford the shampoo & conditioning stuff.

He said fine that the acct was cancelled and that I would not be billed or shipped anything further. Well, when I checked my bank acct on 12/28 you took $158.80 out of my bank acct. So I am very dissatisfied. I called today 1/3/12 and spoke with Tia and she was great she is sending me a prepaid shipping form and 6 coupons to order product in the future.

At a price I can afford. And as soon as I return shipment she will get me refunded.

Thanks Tia, as I am not so pissed now that I have spoken with you and you explained all to me. Sue Whipple

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