I have had this pop up full screen for the past 24 hours that takes my yahoo homepage away. It has also shut my computer down and my inernet.

I've tried to delete them and they charge $58 to do that! so I have reported a few times to local yahoo for answers. I have done everything they have said to no avail. There are few sites that pop up.

I have listed them on my computer as sites to avoid to pop up.

I know I can reach tech support via instant mess on monday. Is that the best to do?

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Dark Red Fox

Work out to the nearest day prior to this virus happening, and if your using Windows XP or late, do a "System Restore".

If you don't know about "System Restore", take a look in your "Help" files.

With a bit of luck, you'll be able to set your computer's settings back to the way they were before the dreaded pop-up. ;)


YEP this is a virus, dont pay a cent causse it will not get you anywhere except identity theft. take your pc to a repair shop and have them remove the virus.

turn off your computer now or it may start sending out spam too.


My neighbor was confronted by this and he paid the $58 (or some such amount, I think it was less) with a credit card and then had the bank reverse the money back from these crooks. This is a virus and you need better virus protection, or get an Apple.

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