I my name is Rrezarta Martini

The concern that i have is that i am being charged from your website $1/moth. I have no idea what is that but i guess someone is using my credit card. Please i want to cancel the membership as soon as possible.

And if i can get a refund beack i will realy appriciate. Also the checking account that i am charged on is in my husband's name too. His name is Zef Martini.

Our address is 96 Central St S. Weymouth, Ma 02190 Phone# (781)335-0135

I don't think you may need more information to cancel this as soon as possible

Please let me know when this program will be cancel.My email add. is www.Redokhs@msn.com or www.wolfstwin@msn.com. Thank you for your time and i hope i will hear from you soon.

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