These peoplpe was so nasty that they sold my account and didnt even telling me. I feel that was unfair to me.

Then they talk so nasty to me. they know we are having a hard time. Money is tight. I call them when I was with Trend and told them my sitition.

I told them that I lost my job. and ask them to work with me. and they was so nasty to me . they didnt have any concern.

I hope god have mercury on you all.

I pray that when god touch you all his bless you. thank you

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really, you're not the brightest star out there, you are just plain wrong, car loans and mortgages are brought and sold throughout the industry everyday, ever heard of fannie may or fannine mac? they buy loans.


Let me share some good news to you. If any finance company/bank sells your account for ANY reason to another company...ie...

sell off,chapter 11 buy out or other, you are not obligated to the new company to pay any debt they believe is owed to them. You did not sign any legal documents that ties you with the new company. Your account is legally with the company you signed your begining loan with.

Many people believe this to be false, but if you truly pursue the matter and research this information for yourself, you will see what I am saying to be true.

Good luck.

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #60720

Which company are you talking about, ***? You need to learn how to spell.

Also, what does "I hope god have mercury on you all. " mean? MERCURY? Mercury the element?

You're ***. Have a blessed day :p

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