as i said before I caught a store employee poseing half naked for a dating service and she was using the back room of a sally store in hot springs arkansas- using an e-mail service of my sons to post herself- this is RIDICULIOUS- no one has done a darn thing about it- I have been accused of taking the pictures myself and i am not even welcome there- again RIDICULIOUS- what in the world makes this situation o.k- this is not fair to me as a consumer or a citizen! I have attempted to call your office in texas 2months ago in regard to this matter! 870-356-8465

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Get someone anonomyus to say they were a consumer there and shes asking customers if they know any young men

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #161611

Actually I lied to you all. The reason I am not allowed in the store is because I was caught shoplifting while I was employed there The employee I am claming was poseing naked was the one that reported me.

I wrote this because I was angry at her. I told some of my friends who I trusted.

They told her, and now she is threatening to sue me for slander if I don't remove this letter. I even made my son's lie about the emails and threatened to ground them from the computer and forbid them to see their father if they disobeyed and refused to lie.


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