k i have been buying thing from your store for years you starters suck i whent throw 5 if the life time bs becouse it dosn't pay to put them back on i have order parts from your all and all i got is bs it's never on time i used my friend shop t order a part that you all wus going too bring to the shop but i sat in your store for 4 days and i had to go and get it and you gages suck to in 2 moths they don't work any more k is it time for me to tell yu who i am i am jerry wilson of wilson trucking i am also a icar and ase i been t every school becouse i get bord some times when your manager acks like a *** at one store i am pulling my company from and i am going t be talking to my friends i spend 75k a year in there just on my toys good luck to yu and the junk parts you are selling nt a thing maid in the usa

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