Lookout, West Virginia

Us Crazy Cat Ladies will not stop bugging you until you take the comercial off the air..

If you want a commercial, Do one on kitties riding motorcycles, at least it would be funny.

Get your motor running, head out on the highway.

Looking for adventure in whatever comes our way.

Gonna take on Frito Lay in a loving embrace.

Trying to make them see no reason to show such an ugly commercial

... To rub in America's face

The Hairballz Rainbow Riders are gonna make it happen.

We will not hurt the doggie, nor make him wear the kitty's collar

Cause we're peace loving kitties for heaven's sakes.

We can make it happen, Our Mom's are crazy Cat Ladies

who support us in their loving embrace.

We gotta inform Frito Lay, that although our Mom's are deemed crazy.

They won't be lazy.

We're not gonna take it, nor will we fake it.

They should never underestimate the powers of the Crazy Cat Ladies

Or the Hairballz Rainbow Riders,

Who are not even afraid of spiders.

Born to be wild, A true nature's child.

We won't give up till we teach that pup and CEO

of Frito Lay the RIGHT way to go...

The Hairballz Rainbow Riders

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