I went in for a routine cleaning as a new patient in Dewitt, NY. I have never experienced so much pain.

It hurt worst than getting periodontal work. The hygentist used an ultrasonic device which normally doesnt bother me. However, this particular time, she kept hitting what I believe to be as exposed nerves repeatidly. I had full streams of tears rolling down my face.

Not a word from the hygentist. As if that wasnt bad enough, I kept turning my head away from her to get her to stop but she kept digging in. I had ahold of the arms of the chair and used them to lift myself out of the chair and pull away from her. I got her attention finally but was told, can you scoot back down in the chair and turn your head this way?

Obviously there is something going on with my teeth but isnt it the hygentist job to report such issues and evaluate the situation from there? How about talk to me about why I was so uncomfortable? NOT A WORD!!! I was left with fluoride costs 17.00, do you want it?

This hygentist needs a crash course in customer service skills and how to handle patients!!!

I cancelled my family's appointments. This office will NEVER see another dime from my pocket!

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