I went to pick up three prescriptions two for me and one for my husband I was told that my husbands cvs could not fill but gave me my two . I was confused what do you mean you cannot fill my husbands we have the same ins.

I was told that we are supposed to get new ins. cards?? So even if we were which we were not my husband would be covered she than said well do you want to pay for it no did you call my ins. no she said they were too busy.

I called ins on my cell ins. woman told me sometimes the pharmacy leaves off the 00 at th end of id # that he is covered and if cvs has a problem to call them. I went back had to wait in line again when it was my turn another emp. told me to go to another line had to wait again explained the problem again told me my husbands prescription would be ready in a few minutes.

Never received sorry this happened it took me 35 minutes to straighten this out when all cvs had to do was call my ins. or put the correct id number in.I am not a happy camper now.....

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