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I was terminated / quit cause the place stinks to work at. In the process the company would not give me access to my personal items.

I was told they shiped them back to me. As they kept to thier word they shipeed the items with no protection -- meaning most if not all items were broken. I am looking for a way if possible to hold this corportation responsible for its actions?

It appears to me they believe they are above the law and will continue to get it away with this until someone stops them. Is there anyone out there that tell me the best option for getting my items replaced?

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Small claims court will do it. First try and send photo's of the box showing the damaged contents to the HR dept.

send an itemized REALISTIC statement of net value of the items you wish to be compensated for.

If this EVER happens again, know that a company MUST allow you access to pick up personal items, unless your was a highly secure job, even then they must allow you to wait in a non-secure area while someone brings your items to you.

Call the police and have them go in with you to pick items up. Any -hoo too late for that but a letter with photo's and the threat of small claims court is your best bet, FOLLOW through with small claims court if they ignore your request, and oh yeah, send it delivery confirmation required to document they recieved, and ignored your request when and if it does go to court..good luck to ya!

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