Westhampton, New York

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The FBI & Police are always trying to lure me one way or another to areas where they sell drugs so they can take pictures of me. Then they will shoot me up with drugs and murder me.

I don't do drugs, I don't drink, not all all. These people are NAZI.

Original review posted by user Apr 13, 2016

My father Stanley Pine and I had a huge blowout while I was performing some web marketing for Barry Beil at Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club in Westhampton. Doing an excellent job I might add. Besides my father I have no issue with the club. It's a nice place if you play golf and are located in the area.

Back to my report, I'm including a picture of an email Stanley sent me with his email blocked out and also a picture of my face where I was injected while sleeping. People, not saying my father or his friends, but others paid to have me killed. It's going on worse than ever right now. I've contacted the NYPD, NHPD and FBI. I have tons of evidence to back everything up, both that is available publicly on the web and evidence I have.

How does this relate to my father?

If it's not bad enough that this is going on with me and both my parents know about it, my father went out of his way to sabotage me. I have been injected in the face and my face was disfigured permanently and I just get back up, keep a good attitude and try to keep going while still getting sabotaged by dozens of people.

After having all my clients sabotaged and being injected with needles twice in my sleep by people who broke into my apartment, I needed my father to sabotage me like I need another monthly bill.

My fathers friend who is NOT connected with the club, was sabotaging me (pictures attached) and I told my father I was going to report it online. Stanley jumped in and started trying to cover it up for his friend, which I have no idea why he was trying to sabotage me in the first place and basically had me fired as an independent contractor from the club.

Stanley is NOT the main boss of the club. Barry Beil is. I was working for him and it's undisputed via Google AdWords & Facebook for business records, etc that I was doing a quality job. Those records can NOT be erased.

Stanley jumped in an had me tossed to protect his friend. I said in addition to reporting his friend which I did and haven't seen a lawsuit from it yet because it's true, I decided to report Stanley as well. Mom if your reading this, I have no idea how this all got so out of control but honestly you didn't do anything to try and stop him so it is what it is. If it wasn't for about 100 miracles I'd be dead right now and apparently no one cares. Anyone who did care was chased off by the police, private detectives and others.

My phone is either pen register or wiretapped right now and I have had close to 200 clients sabotaged at this point. I'm a digital marketing professional and have worked with people across the country and in Canada. They've sabotaged people in Canada too which to me is nuts. This thing has gone international.

People who I know are trying to set me up when I do nothing illegal, am 39 and have no criminal record. They are trying to kill me. They are trying to drive me into the street.

Why is my father adding on to this? Not saying him or his friends are the one's behind the main issues I'm having (view picture of my face and hand below) but why are they adding on to it? If anyone knows let me know.

I have more evidence, if anyone wants to see it let me know. Everyone knows where I'm at.

I can write another 30,000 words about whats going on but this is good enough for now.

One last thing. Even with all the bs I still believe with all my heart I'm going to be successful one day and overcome all this. I'm not putting anything up on the web that I'm not confident I can defend if need be anytime now or in the future.

Please share this. Thank you for reading. Bye!

Reason of review: in report.

Preferred solution: come clean.

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stay off the drugs

Valley Stream, New York, United States #1233952

I'm on the street homeless being harassed 24/7. They torture me in several ways, for one they are trying to set me up as a child molester.

Right now as I write this a underage girl walks close to the chair I'm sitting on. People can say I'm paranoid but I'm sitting outside a library that is closed to use the internet and there is no one here but me and now a underage girl.

Levittown, New York, United States #1232754

It's Mark. I have had numerous drug tests at major hospitals with people watching me pee and also giving blood.

The tests always come up 100% clean because I don't do any drugs at all. The FBI & Police are a bunch of NAZI trying to murder me because I don't do anything illegal.

They are also trying to set me up as a child molester. This is going on right now in New York.

Union City, New Jersey, United States #1229944

Everything in this report is true. I'm the author.

I have also shared all my personal information, phone number, etc with the owners of this website just in case an attorney requests it. Plus I'm easy to get ahold of. Stanley and others are not happy that this report is up exposing them.

This is the lastest scam Stanley my father has thrown at me.

Someone we both know said to conact your father. They are playing on the fact that I have been homeless for the last 2 or 3 months and its not fun. The person said your father wants to help you contact him.

I said to myself, this sounds fishy but what do I have to lose.

Maybe my father was sick in the hospital or something and decided he wanted to make amends for sabotaging me for no reason.

He gets on the phone and starts asking me why should he help me. This is after I was instructed to contact him. Then they put me in a motel for the night and say call in the morning.

In the morning, he screens my call and starts sending emails asking me what do I need and why should he help me? This is after I was instructed to contact him out of the blue. These are the same types of games law enforcement: FBI, Police, etc. play with me.

They sabotage me, run me into the ground and then throw situations I would never normally go for at me. I think Stanley is just trying to create a legal case to get the report down. As I stated several times previously, I'm more than happy to share evidence with any attorney and see him in court any day of the week.

The evidence up on this report already shows this is for real and I have more. Needless to say, I'm back on the street homeless.


My story is going to get out there one day.

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