How do I delete a comment I made on your website?? I am trying to get in contact with a human.

Please call me at 509-397-3720 or email me at cindy@tucson-wellness.com. I have a company that wants to sue me and even though the information is right, I don't want to go throug the hassle of paying the money and defending myself.

I want to just delete the comment.

How can I get ahold of a human to talk about this and get the instructions or have someone at your company do this?? Please help.

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Peoria, Illinois, United States #1196086

How to delete a comment form this website?


I want to delete a comment of a company I tried to support through praise only to find out it's not such a great company. how do I do this?


Delete entire post

to kenlaw100 London, England, United Kingdom #936498

How do I do this please?

Merrillville, Indiana, United States #247679

IF you are the person you say you are, it's very dangerous to post your personal information on a website.

I hope management verified this information before posting it.

Something doesn't feel right about this posting.

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