a few months ago, my grandmother received a call from the billing department of our local hospital. they asked her for her name and she told them. they continued on to tell her that she owed $800.00 to the hospital. my grandmother had told them that it was not possible because she has full coverage insurance.

they then proceeded to tell her that it is very possible and very true.

as my grandmother continuously told them this was not possible they then divulged the "fact" that she had a child in 2004. there are a few problem here.

in 2004 my grandmother was 77. she could not have had a child. she had told this to the hospital.

the hospital continued to tell her what services were given at the hospital for the bill in question

(problem # 2).

she had continuously told them that they were mistaken. she was then interrupted and informed that if the service was not paid for than it would go to collections. they then began to tell her about money owed for the services given for a 2 year old little girl (supposedly her daughter and problem #3) in the ER in 2006. the amount owed was divulged, illness and treatment as well.

Here is the big problem, all of that information was mine and my daughter's!!!! the other issue is that they also claimed that we had no insurance.

Even more the issue, they called for my maiden name, informed my grandmother of private information both medical and financial, ignored my insurance as well as my daughter's until it was too late to claim it on insurance, and still continue to call to collect the debt!!!

i am sure this is illegal in many ways!!! can anyone inform me on what to do from here?


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