I give this company a lousy review. They have failed to even show in 2 Saturdays!

the first time they gave some sorry excuse that their truck broke down, hello ? do you only have 1 truck ? then they begged to come the next Saturday and give a "big" discount for giving them a second chance. How bout they give a freaking 3 hour window, they never showed or called, not even in the 3 hour window period!!

I have wasted 2 freakin saturdays waiting on this sorry company, and they did not even have the professional courtesy to call!!! dont use them! this is also a blessing in disguise, I heard they leave the carpet soaking wet anyways, they probably would have ruined by carpet. Gods way of telling me to steer clear of this company !!!!

Houndtooth should only be cleaning Dog houses, dont let them in your home !!! I am pissed!!!!!

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