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I am a bi-lateral below knee amputee and due to numerous other issues from spina bifida I am unable to wear prosthesis and must use a wheelchair. I also have a certified service dog that does various things for me. Despite her 4 lb size, she is non the less a service dog. I often travel with just my dog and have dealt with many hotels who refuse me a room stating they have a 'no pet' policy.

This is direct from the ADA -

Under the ADA, businesses open and serving the public are prohibited

from discriminating against individuals with disabilities. The ADA

requires businesses to allow people with service animals to any area

open to the public. The ADA defines a service animal as any animal

trained to assist an individual with a specific need, regardless if they

have been licensed or registered by a state or local agency. Some

but not all service animals wear special vest or ID. Documentation

can not be required to allow individuals access with a service animal,

nor may individuals be segregated from other customers. You may not

refuse entry due to "˜no pet' policy, you may not require a deposit even

if policy requires "˜pet' deposits. The care and supervision of a service

animal is the sole responsibility of the owner.

Any questions regarding service animals or issues with the ADA, you

may contact the U.S. Dept of Justice ADA information line


What many businesses do not understand is not all service animals are large breed dogs. Not all service animals are dogs, a good many are monkeys.

The majority of the problems I met while attempting to get a hotel room were those individually owned franchise owned by ethnic individuals. I am not saying the only problems I had were these cases, but it is fair to say 75% of the problems I faced were those well known chains, yet individually owned franchise owned by Indian, Pakastani, etc.

Although these owners feel their decision is final, I would simply contact the home office of the chain, for instance Quality Inn, Fairfield Inn, Sleep Inn, etc.

Regardless of the fact that some hotels are individually owned franchises, they still must maintain the quality of the name on the sign, such as Quality Inn, Sleep Inn, etc. If complaints are issued or law suits the franchise will not hesitate to pull their name leaving the franchise owner who "owned" a Fairfield Inn yesterday will own a Generic Inn tomorrow.

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Have also faced the same attitudes and it gets handled by calling the police and I let them explain the law to the non compliant manager. My service animal is 3 lbs and so am quite familiar with what is encountered on a daily basis.

Today it was at a Best Western and yes it is a particular problem with ethnic managers. Am calling Best Western corporate offices in the morning.

Yesterday an Indian manager told me you can have the dog but it HAS to be kept in a kennel the whole time in the room. I informed him he can't dictate anything concerning where the dog wiill be as he is a Service Animal and not a pet.

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