I have been to this hotel many times before for functions which I organised myself or my family did (including afters of my own wedding, my 30th Birthday party). I was annoyed at the fact that I had booked for a christening to have finger food and there was no where for us to sit with the function room earlier.

There was tea and coffee included in the pakcage which I had selected, a few people out of the 30 that were there were asked if they would like tea or coffee, I certainly was not one of them. I was charged for 40 people but ahd confirmed that only 30 would be attending during the week. My husband paid the next day without my knowledge. I went back to the hotel in question to get a refund and I was met with a Lady (the owner) who had the worst attitude I have ever come across when I asked to be refunded I was told I will have to wait and I said no I would like to be refunded today.

This lady then proceeded to tell me that "you shouldn't really book finger food for the afters of a chrstening" as if I was dirt on her shoe.

I have never been so insulted in my life and I will never go back there. Considering I am local, I was disgusted, highly offended and insulted.

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