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It is ridiculous at the outrageous costs for hospital fees. I am not insured and am willing to pay my bills but this is riduculous!!!!

$715. for what an er fee. The people working for that hospital need to take customer service courses, everyone was rude except the receptionist. i felt like they were judging me by the words they used.

Obama needs to do something soon about these health care issue.

i went to a doctor in Mexico for an eye infection and it only cost me $15 American dollars that was with medicine! it just goes to show how ridiculous this place is!

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Camden Point, Missouri, United States #55015

That is nice price..I went to Shawnee Mission Hospital to the ER and they charge me over $2000 for blood work and gave me pain shot..Next night had to go back and they did the same thing..Finally when I thought I was going to die with to Olathe Hospital the next night and they took one look at me and bam my sugar was over 500..which I never knew I was diabetic..thank God for Olathe or I probably been dead on the 4th day....Makes you wonder if they more into getting money or healing you...Wont take a sick dog to Shawnee Mission Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas..and now one xray that takes 1 min to do cost over $700 no wonder the medical is out of control..Time for government to set in and take control of this problem...$40 for a tiny box of tissue to blow your nose...we are all doom

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