My husband went to the hospital for abdominal pain. After several tests and scans etc.

it was determined that he had a bacteria infection. The Dr. told him it was very common in florida. Then why if so common did they have to run so many expensive tests.????????He was in the hospital for 5 days.

Duh. During my visits to him there was an aide babysitting a suicide attemptee, the guy sat there all day long looking at naked men on his cell phone. When i came in he wouldnt even offer me a chair, my husband had to ask him if he could maybe move over so his wife could have a seat. HE DID GET UP FINALLY.

tHE POOR PATIENT THAT WAS IN THERE HAD TO GET UP AND PLUG IN HIS OWN iv BECAUSE THE AIDE (A HE) was too busy looking at his naked men. Just disgusting. Then when it was time to leave, my husband was all dressed and ready to go, he was told there would be a wheel chair up to get him. When I arrived to get him 30 minutes later no one had showed up.

So needless to say we just walked out, in front of the nurses station there were several nurses gabbing we walked right past them and no one said a word. As of today, it has been two weeks and I have yet to get any correspondence from them.

They probably still think hes in the hospital bed. Very poor Hospital

This is the aint Cloud Hospital in Saint Cloud Florida

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