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I recently joined a company called horrny matchs as a standard member, this was free, within hours I had girls winking at me, sending me messages I thought this is great, all the time it kept telling me to upgrade to gold member for 34 euros and send messages and contact info, I held out for 1 day, sad man, anyway I paid my 34 euros to be a gold member, then nothing ! ! I sent 47 emails with my personal contact details waited a few hours, got dressed up ready to go but nothing, just nothing and nothing, if I left the computer on and logged in after about 15mins it booted me out, I noticed all the girls in my area where on 24 hours a day (strange) why do they not get booted out, I sent 103 emails to horrny Match asking them to explain what was going on - today I got a refund in full - lesson learnt it was too good to be true, and it was, I’m going back down the pub to look for a bird.

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