The troubles I had withCheap Tickets and memorableinstance in my entire life.It was real pain to travelwith Cheap Ticket It'sbegins like this

First I have bought AirTickets thru Cheap Ticket on04/20/06 Then I got emailconfirmation on 04/22/06Traveling from Newark to Bangalore ( India ) for me andmy younger son for $2,578.93

Flight Details areFrom Newark toLondon British Airwaysflight # 188 from London toMumbai ( India ) BMI 781fromMumbai to Ban galore JetAirways #484

Then I decided to take myelder son along with me, soI tried to get one moreticket for him, but I couldnot able to get it for sameday and same flight, so Icancel l the ticket to getall 3 tickets for sameflight that was the biggestmistake I made, the reason Icame to know that after 2days is I can't able topurchase/change ticket .thenI got horrible experiencewith the customer servicedepartment First they donot know what they are doingfor each clarification theyput me on hold for more then1 hour. I have waited for 5-6 hours on hold to getanswer this is one of theworst experience theircustomer service does, I gotbig shock from that, I willnot get my money back orchange that means I willloose entire $2,578.93 justfor canceling my ticket,then I spoke to customerservice and refuse to payback or change my tickets, Iwas with them more then anhour, ( I could not able totalk their supervisor evenholding for more then 2hours)Then I told them Iwill inform this to consumeraffair and Better BusinessBureau and write letters toall TV Channels, then theyhave changed their mind andstarting convincing me thatthey did not do this beforeand this their favor atleast they have providedtickets from London toBangalore as a courtesyetc., and try to arrange mytrip again finally they gotconfirmed that they gavearrange my trip from NewYork to Ban galore indifferent flight ondifferent time that theyhave informed me at 3:00 pmthe flight was 6:45 pmDeparture time, fortunatelyI was ready with mybaggage's, my wife drew meall the way to JFK from BuddLake to JFK it took morethen 2 hours.

Before that I tying toreconfirm my fight on06/11/06 but I got shockedthat my name and flight fromNewark to London was notthere in the list I calledBritish Airways, they couldnot find my name then Iexplained my story so theywent to their previousrecords and told me thatthey have cancelled myticket due to nonconfirmation from CheapTicket even after sent emailto them, they said that It'scheap ticket's mistake andthey have to arrange flightfor me. Then I called cheapticket and informed aboutit, they said they can't doany thing that was BritishAirways fault that theywon't rebook once flight iscancelled and I have to buynew ticket from Newark toLondon, they will onlyconfirm from London to Bangalore this took more then 2hours then call gotdisconnected after I I gotreconnected only on mytraveling day on 06/12/06, Iexplained to British Airwaysexplanation about mycancellation of my ticketsand they put me on hold forone more then 1 hour toanswer due to my constantapproach they could not ableto escape any where finallythey arrange flight inVirgin Atlantic from NYCJFK to London, We havearrived JFK at 5:45pm, (Passenger suppose to arrivefor all internationalflights for 3 hours prior todeparture time) our flightwas 6:45 pm, Virgin Atlanticrefuses to take care mybaggage to end destinationdue to different Air linebooked from London and toldme to handle all thebaggage myself from London.I was very worried due to mydisability as I am strokesurvivor not able to liftbags on my own, walk, standfor long, I requested themagain with my disability andI agreed to pay more fortheir services, but theyrefused to arrange my bagsto my connecting flight,then we landed in London Isuppose to get customsclearance to get my bags, Ihave waited more then1 hourin the line to get mycustoms clearance to collectmy bags then I got my bagswith help of others I canable to get in to a cartthen I went to differentterminal which was very farfrom the customs I havewalked with my kid and 6bags with great difficult,my leg was so painful andburning, finally I reachedconnecting flight BMIterminal after I walked halfhour and I had very biggestshock When I approached BMIcounter. They told me Ihave too excess language, Itold them I came from NewYork and In New York Iflayed thru virgin Atlanticflight they did not sayanything about excessbaggage and accepted theweight, then BMI peopleinformed me that, they havedifferent waiting terms thenother Air lines they can'taccept over weight for thatI have to pay1, 468.00European Pounds for excessof 63 kilograms at the rateof 63.30 Pounds per KGotherwise they can't acceptmy bags, I explained all myso-far problems andrequested I can't remove mystuffs now I am half way ofmy destination pleaseunderstand my problem andaccept it t, they did notagree for any kind ofrequest, they told me to pay1468,00 pounds otherwise Iwill not get my bags to thefinal destination, so I didnot any other choice I hadpaid for excess weight for1.468.00 pounds andcollected receipt from them.Now I have paid more for myexcess weight then myflight, my flight trip is$2578.00 but my excessweight amount was $2700.00.Not only that problem I haveto get customs clearancefrom Mumbai too two customsclearance for a onedestination. I had collectedall my bags again and withgreat help of others I wentto connected flight terminaland checked all my bags toBan galore flight by thistime I was completely tiredI could not able to evenbreath properly and severpain in my complete body Idid not had sleep for 2nights my eyes were restlesssome how I manage to reachconnecting fight I wasseeing *** at that time andmy stupidest mistake ofbuying tickets from cheaptickets, It's feel likecomplete body was fallingoff on the spot, No one inthis world experience suchproblems in their life, Ittook more then one week formy body pain to come tonormal. I have all thedocuments like the originaltickets/ boarding pass fromNewark to London which isnot used, used boarding passof virgin Atlantic flight,receipt from BMI airlinesfor excess weight,confirmation email fromCheap Ticket and BritishAirways all boarding passes,stamp on my passport inLondon for customs clearanceand Mumbai customs CheapTicket's receipts andboarding pass.

Now I need refund for excessweight of $2,700.00 other Ihave to take legal actionagainst Cheap Ticket, Pleasereply immediately to emailsharma751@yahoo.com or callme at Phone # 973-345-3504or my cell 973-919-2254 or973-714-2921 or my address

2 Elwell Ave, Bud Lake , NewJersey 07828.

Return back to US anotherworst nightmare and bad Iexperience withCheepticket.com let me startmy experience while returnback to US.

I started my journey backfrom Bangalore on 5thSept.along with my son withonly 2 bags because I hadworst experience whilecoming and I don't want ithappen again, when I reachMumbai (Bombay) I have tocollect my bags and have tocheck in anotherInternational Airport so, Ihave to carry with my bagsin shuttle service todifferent InternationalAirport and waited more then2 hours in the line to checkin my bags in BMI airlinesbefore I checked in forAirport security because ofbig line BMI left Bombaymore then ½ hour late, WhenI reach London I had anotherbig surprise, my baggage'swere wrongly assign toBritish Airlines to NewarkNJ, then I went to BA andexplain the situation andrequest them to transfer toVirgin Atlantic and afterspending more then an hourand told them I am disabledperson they have agreed tomove my baggage's to VirginAtlantic, then I went tosecurity check in againafter spending 2 hours inthe line for my connectingflight, unfortunately Imissed my flight because Iwasted my time in BA andsecurity line and I went toVirgin Atlantic counterand explain my horriblestory due to my conditionsthey understood my situationand told me to go in thenext flight at 2:00 pm, thenI called my wife and explainflight timing change andcome to Airport accordingly.When I arrive JFK one moresurprise was waiting for me,my bags were not their Iwaited more then 2 hoursfinally gave a complaint toVirgin Atlantic and returnhome around 10 pm by thetime I arrive home I have soexacted I can't even standwent to bed immediately Icould not able to sleepproperly due to over bodypain. With this I like tosay I HAD VERY WORSTEXPERIENCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFEI DON'T RECOMAND TO GO TOCHEAP TICKETS.COM OTHERVISETHEY WILL HAVE THIS KIND OFEXPERIENCE.

Shiv sharma

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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