I chose this tattoo company because of their online presence and the portfolios on their website. When I went in, I was unknowingly given a brand new artist (that I found out later wasn't even on their website, the whole reason I went there!).

I had to ask him three times before he reluctantly told me how long he's been tatooing. His manager stood there the entire time overseeing everything and checking to make sure his machine settings and needle were right. I wish I would have just stopped everything and walked out.

Before the tattoo had started, the artist told me it would be 80 dollars. After it was done he charged me 100. The tattoo itself looks awful. The lettering on my foot looks like someone took a ballpoint pen and wrote in sloppy handwriting.

I went back in the next day after I had really examined it and showed them all the specific mistakes. I spoke to the manager and the artist that I had seen when the tattoo was done. They wouldn't acknowledge the mistakes and said that that was how the stencil was. After asking both of them about five times, neither would just tell me that they had given me a good tattoo. They won't even stand behind their work?

I feel as thought I was scammed into being a practice subject for this new artist. Two years of experience? In my opinion that is not enough. I chose this place based on the artist portfolios they had online, and I was given a totally different artist that had no idea what he was doing. Now I have permanent chicken scrawl on my foot.

I spent 100 dollars for 20 minutes of ballpoint pen writing on my skin. Please don't use this company unless you like regret.

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