Grand River, Ohio
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We've never had anything to do with them. However, our phone number must've belonged to someone who had!

We've had the # for 2 1/2 years and still get calls for these people from Summer Bay. We've explained the number was reassigned to us for years already. Would you believe, when they called tonight, and our 9 yr old child told them "so and so doesn't live at this number, we don't know them", the reply was "ok silly little B--ch child". What?

Who the h--l do they think they are?? Still trying to get the bastards back on the phone to give them a piece!

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Contact your local police and tell them you are getting rude, profane and threatening phone calls---even to your children! Perhaps they can record the calls in the future and go from there.

You might also start taping them, in case the local cowboys don't think it is important. Then you can play them back and show how bad they are.

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