12/21/11 I made a purchase of over $8000 in furniture. A full livingroom and bedroom.

As of today I still do not have all my pieces. On the first delivery, the wrong nightstand was delivered, one nightstand was damaged and taken back, the wrong bed rails were ordered, the rug and tv I ordered were missing or on "backorder" from what they say. We called, went directly to the store, explained everything that happened, everything would be corrected they assured me. Today I had a second delivery which was supposed to include the correct bed rails, the 2 nightstands and TV.

We actually picked the rug up from the store ourselves 2 weeks prior. Since I had no bedrails, we had been sleeping on mattress and box spring on the floor. When the drivers arrived, they had the bed rails and one night stand. Now I'm still missing one nightstand and the tv.

I advised them I wanted the bed set up on a different wall because of the space, they of course set it up on the wrong wall. I told them after they set it up that it was not in the spot I told them, their response "oh" and no offer to move it, they asked me to sign, then left. My husband called them back right after they left and told them they needed to move it. The driver told my husband that it was too late, I told them after they set it up.

Of course it was then escalated to a manger, which said they would be back in 2 days to deliver the other items and move the furniture where I wanted. Shortly after that I was looking at the slats on the bed, and they didn't even screw them down! They just laid them across and left the bag of screws, so now my bed isn't even secure. The sales woman we had was very helpful and wasn't pushy, but unfortunately for her, my future purchases for bedroom sets for my girls and full kitchen dining set will be made elsewhere.

What a mess and horrible experience! I see for a lot of folks the furniture hasn't held up, I hope this isn't the case because I paid good money!

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I have a similar problem-how do I talk with this individual? nmuckle@aol.com


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