Elegant Nails 749 E. Boughton Rd.


I decided to try the gel, no chip french manicure which is $40, and guaranteed to last 2-3 weeks the woman reassured me. Two days later three nails were chipped. I made it in exactly a week after to have her fix my nails, which at that point I now had 5 nails chipped and my thumb was peeling off. Not once did they apologize.

Instead, they applied more of the same gel polish right over the previous polish. When she was done, two of my nails were smudged which she blamed on me, and my whole left hand had a purple tone to it because it was so thick from all the gel!! The very next day, which puts me at 8 days, 7 of my nails were now chipped, and 3 of them were already peeling.

I should have went back and demanded for all my nails to be redone, but I didn't want to waste any more of my time. I will NEVER go back to this place again.

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