After receiving horrible customer service and walking out on $3000 worth of furniture, 3 hours of time. We decided to go back and only purchase the coffee table and end table that we really liked.

They said we were able to pick it up today (Tuesday March 8, 2011). When we picked it up, it was in a box. No help loading it in our van. The guy just stood there and watched my husband and I struggle.

Us both having bad backs. We get the tables home and out of the boxes. The coffee table is not put together right, the doors are falling off, the screw holes are stripped, and there are cracks in it. We purchased these tables for $589.97 including the extended protection plan.

I called the store and talked to the Operation Manager Shawn Grisc. He said there's nothing he can do unless we lug it back to the store and wait for another one to come in to exchange it. Go back and pick the new one up. They didn't check it themselves.

Basically we paid this money for trash! Now they won't come get it and exchange it for us unless we pay more money out which is ridiculous when they are the ones selling broken not put together right items. The store manager wasn't there and apparently there is no corporate office because we asked for it and they gave us a number to a gas place. You can't find it online and there has been numerous complaints about this company.

No one else can find the corporate number either.

Something has to be done! Oh and apparently if we got a refund we would have to wait 10 days or more for them to send us a check in the mail because we paid cash and our purchase was over $250.

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