I am so angry I want to sue for time missed from work. I recently relocated for work.

I scheduled a routine cleaning because I was due, and after 2.5 hours of x-rays (right out of 1985) and "gum assessments", I was told I needed a "treatment plan" and didn't qualify for a Routine Cleaning until I underwent the "deep bacterial cleaning" (not covered by insurance), and then and only then, could I reschedule another visit for the routine cleaning. The doctor introduced himself as "Hi, I'm doctor so-and-so, and I'm here to review your information to properly diagnose you." Diagnose me?? I was incensed. I take immaculate care of my teeth, and get them cleaned every 6 months.

I merely scheduled a routine cleaning. The doctor even said he saw no signs of cavities. I left angry and signed a release for my x rays so I could at least give them to another more competent dentist who would clean my teeth. Waste of a checkup and waste of time off work.

They ruined my 6 month insurance-covered cleaning. Now, I will have to go to someone else for a cleaning, pay out of pocket for the appointment (insurance only covers 1/6 months), and take more time off work.


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