It worked for me. I was on hornymatches for less then a week when I started talking to this chick.

A few days later I was in a hotel bangin her. I did have to send about 50 emails befor I got one to ***, and yes some profils are fake, but I know for a fact some are real. I sent out about another fifteen messeges since then, and I got a 2 more bites. you know if they are fake because they will try to get you to go to another site for a web cam or something.

Im gona keep useing this site. Im looking forward to banging the next one :)

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Holy S@#T it been like a year and you dudes are still hung up on this? I dont even use HM any more.

AFF is where its at. I banged like 15 chicks in 2010 from that site. And for the record I definitely F@#KED women from HM.

To much work though. AFF is way better.


this site sucks a** same happened to me as described above lots of attention til they got my money. Piece of sh** Mother F****


the only thing that worked for you was you got nothing


your wrong dude, sure most of this site is *** and a lot of the profiles are fake but I know for a fact thear are some real wemen on this site that want to F@#K.....I know this because I definitly F@#KED two of em......Thear are a ton of these sites online, Im sure you guys can get lade on one of em....Keep your chin up fellas, Im sure it will happen for you. I *** with wemen that I meet online often.

I avrege about two a month.

I am young and pretty good looking, so Im sure that helps too. Even if your fat or old or your *** don't work too well, its the internet, Im sure someone out thear wants to F@#K you.


HornMatch is *** and has only fake members, just read the other comments, it is FAKE FAKE FAKE, they trick people to join, once they take your money, NO ONE will even wink at you, try it to see for yourself.


I was looking for a chick on there but couldn't find one. So I decided to start f*cking dudes instead!!!

I get *** all day long. See, it does work (if you're a ***)


I was looking for a chick on there but couldn't find one. So I decided to start f*cking dudes instead!!!

I get *** all day long. See, it does work (if you're a ***)


I landed one for about a year from this site. Found another on AFF and a few more on another site.

They work, but not for everyone or everywhere.

And it costs $$$ to continue communicating. There are many scams out there, buyer beware.


Adult friend finder. I dont work for any of em.

Its not that hard. If you cant get laid on the internet I suggest you get a hooker


hey worked for me, if you're not an employee of HM then tell us what the other site is that you say is better and cheaper. If you don't want to give away info on HMs competition, then you are lying.


Not at all. Read what I wrote about the site.

I don't even think HM is that great. Im just stateing the fact that I met and banged two diffrent wemen from this web site. I don't even go on this site that much anymore. I found one that is a lot better, cheaper too.

If I worked for them would I say that?

I don't work for HM, nor am I full of ***. I don't know why it's so hard to belive that it works onece in a while


Worked for me, do you work for *** matches?


yes you are

No Im not :p

you are still a liar


Whatever dude. I have nothing to gain from lying about it.

I just saw all these people saying that HM is a complete *** scam and I know that it,s not. Im not promoting the site, Im just letting people know it's not complete ***. Weather you belive it or not, I banged Two wemen I met on this site. I had to send about 80 emails to get those two, but I got em ;) I don't even like HM that much anymore ( to much work ) I moved on to a diffrent adult site and I already got a couple lined up.

Sorry you can't get laid on a site whear wemen are giveing *** away, maby your fat or ugly or something, I don't know. All I know is that Im not a liar and I def Got laid from HM.

Maby you should try Cregs list, I heard they have hookers on that site. Until then, stop hatein.


you are a liar

and anyone else who says this works is also a lying liar.

*** liars...


it worked for me too.I was only on for 2 days.I winked at a women she winked back.I emailed her.We emailed for about a week.We met at a hotel and had great sex all night.Go for the ones in your area.


I pulled another one off this site. This site is not a complete scam, sure most of it is probley ***, but I have banged more then one chick that I have met on hornymatches.

I have nothing to gain from promoting this web site.

I just see all these bitter guys saying that they are gitting ripped off. Mabey thear doing something wrong, because it's working for me.

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