Val-D'or, Quebec
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I have to agree with all the reviews here about Hmatches , its a total rip-off . Isaw the same picture being used for the same women from different parts of the world over and over again.

all the do is string you along with all these women that supposedly viewed youre profile.

Worst of all during the Replican primaries , they were running a banner on the site urging support for that nut-job Ron Paul ,the darling of the extreme right and neo-***. So if you dont want youre money going into the coffers of neo-nazi ,white suppremist trash avoid the site at all costs

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #66934

LOL *** Matches can,t be fascists! They would not let me post my Nazi flag and my Nazi pary pictures!

They had many Negro loving women! Saying Black men only! No white men! So your totally wrong on those points.

Many people suported Ron Paul! Black and white. Most Ron Paul supporters are Christiasns and Nra supporters. Horney Matches may have scammers on it at times but they are not Fascists.

Just try too post a picture of a Klansman and you will not get it posted.

sincerely Jack boot man! Speaks

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