Hornymatches.com website looked real good at first lots of members online,as a standard member I received a lot of attention after I paid the fee to be a gold member everything stopped. When I do a search all of the members are online (IMPOSSIBLE).

After sending numorous messages to other members I have yet to get any back,so,maybe I set my goals to high then sent winks and messages to a lot of different people and still no response.I contacted them and told them that their site was begining to look like a scam, their reply was that they thousands of satisfied members if this is correct then I would like to talk to them,maybe they could tell everyone else how we can become satified. Still looks like a SCAM to me.

Monetary Loss: $69.

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I realized I'd been scammed on my second day after purchasing a gold membership. They always claim 99% of their member's are online.

I belong to several other sites and it's unheard of to have 1% online at the same time. I also received 5 messages in my first two hours before becoming a member, with one saying, please contact me.

I became a gold member, none of the five ever responded to my messages and this is the only site of 6 that I am a member of that I didn't get one message since becoming a paid member. SCAM!


You will likely be approached via site email by a number of women who appear to be in your geographic region. Totally fake/bogus.

Put a stop payment on your credit card and report this site everywhere you can. We both got duped (no shame in it, it happens).

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