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I've come to the conclusion the HornyMatches is a scam of the worst kind. It obviously not based in the USA because the activity promoted my HornyMatches is illegal in this county.

I've sent 2 emails via their help section and told I'd get a response within 24 hours. Thus far, not a word. Save your money and don't me suckered in like I was.

Another lesson learned. As happens, I had a friend sign up (the free portion) and within 1-2 minutes after posting, he got an identical wink, then email IDENTICAL to one I received from the same female.

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Yes they are fake, and liars. They come up when searching for free dating sites, then make you write a profile, after which you learn you can't contact anyone unless you pay the obviously jacked up price of $37 a month to pay for someone to screen every submission for contact info.

That alone might not seem unreasonable, but the matches are fake.

I only filled out a very tiny bit of my profile and got a message from a woman claiming we had a lot in common based on our profiles. Obvious lie is obvious.

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