There is even a site that makes a really witty fun of them:

http://realhornymatches.com/ ,

And if you vote "No" in response to their single question at the bottom of the page, you will find much better alternatives, which do help you find a good match in your neighborhood.

If you are not yet convinced that hornymatches.com is a rip-off, note that they advertise fake profiles and send you fake e-mails (to get you believe that they have women that want you), and once you pay hoping to get in touch with those who send you e-mails, all those women that were looking for you just disappear.

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Iam soo glad i read this,i had just typed in google is it a scam and boom....here it is,you guys/gals thanks for the heads up because i had a funny feelig about this site,samething happened,but i didnt spend the money,but was a click away from doing soo...now i will go back to facebook and let everybody know because thats how sneakythey are,posting on facebook saying"did you see my naughty pics here,and it disguizes the original link to there link to the scam site,iam going to blackball this site to everyone and hope that everyone else does the same,word of mouth on facebook will deffinately put a big dent in there wallet and save innocent victoms from sending there hard earned money to a site that takes advantage of people that are lonely and want to meet others,wish i would run into them in a dark alley,they wouldnt do it again...pass the word along on facebook people,we need to put a stop to this,,,thanks everyone... 8)


this is my 1st site like this..no pic but still getting emails and winks. Didn't believe at first but now talking to 4 great guys, out of the 80 with responded. Don't give up but you must be patient and persistent.


Hornymatches is a fraud. I've tested the site.

It may also be downloading Trojans to your PC, I'm not talking about the rubbers either. These are hijack trojans, that take control of your PC.

Anyone notice your PC taking longer to boot up, windows errors. Run Windows Defender, you might just find something.


Actually, realhornymatches.com now has two questions. If you are looking for girls, answer "No" to the first question.

Then you'll see a blond and a brunett side by side.

Either one will lead you to a great dating site. I liked the blond one better, BTW.

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