If this scam wasn't extremely obvious to users immediately after completing registration, you have my sympathy!!! :D Just like the countless post before, I fell victim to this site by wasting around 15 mins of my time signing up for the site.

I want reinbursment for these precious minutes that this site stole from me and that I will never get back!!! I will happily settle out of court to the tune of a hundred million dollars and not a penny less! :). Honestly though, I am more angry because of the fact that is this site poached me on Facebook.

I was of the understanding that obtain a Facebook page, the user must be a actual person. This bot/ actor/ fat guy at a cubicle betrayed my trust and used facebook to pursue me with malicious buisness criminal intent. If anyone can explain how these accounts can activate with impunity under the nose of the ever vigillent Facebook mods or whatever they are. I assume that these accounts the fat guy at the cubicle uses are most likely shut down after a few complaint, then Mr.

Fat Guy finds another pic of an innocent young women, then uses said picture to create another's "POACHER" account and begins the process anew. For any guys that actually got duped far enough along in the process where actual monetary transactions took place, I honestly feel sorry for you my brothers, but if you simply looked around the site, you should have had enough insite to know that no real live women would ever join or be part of a site/ institution like that without having been compensated with much much more money than I am sure Mr.

Fat in his cubicle was or will be payed. Sincerely, Gentleman, you all need to use that organ between your ears a tad more than the one doing the thinking between your legs, and good luck in all your future endevors in the sadistic system we refer to as the Internet.

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