They get your email address then they send emails from phony people profiles to get you to believe someone is actually interested in you. What got my attention all the emails were generated by them!

Once they get you to pay, the emails stop, that they generate. 1 person I looked up the location was suppose to be 4 miles from me was actually

33 miles. So I did what I should have done before paying. I did a search on the net, and found out I was definately not the first to get scammed.

I feel so *** to falling for such a scam!

I've reqested a refund, I will take it to a legal level if they refuse to refund my money!

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Highland Park, Queensland, Australia #27017

I started received false emails, they were suposed to be Mexican women, and they were written in perfect english, and all of them (like 6 emails) pushing me to do things in the site that have charge. So, it was clear to me that it was a scam. Hope you can get your money back, those bastards deserve to be shutted down

Aja, Ad Daqahliyah, Egypt #24538

No! Don't you dare feel ***!

These people (cons in general) are good at what they do. I guess since the beginning of humanity for some reason or other some people/bloodlines have had a lazy/greedy bone in their body and feel they have to scam in order to get ahead. They probably run over in their heads dozens of times how they'll do it. With scammers, there's more than meets the eye.

They have developed it to a science.

But, remember also...Karma is here and it strikes a person without warning and when it does, that person is rendered pretty much immobile by memories and realizations of just how much of a low *** he/she has been. So don't you worry-everything balances.

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